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Tidal power model tests

Age suitable for: 14+

Accessibility alert:
  • Limited access to wheelchair users

Tidal power is a source of renewable power which is very interesting since it is predictable and regular. Generating power from tidal currents is still a technological challenge.

We are cooperating with a US company on the development of a floating tidal power installation using an advanced waterwheel technology. This has the advantage of being simple, easily accessible (contrary to underwater installations) and cost-effective.

A Group Design project, funded by BMP Inc. (Utah), is currently developing the 2nd generation configuration, with the aim to increase the power conversion efficiency by 80% compared with the 1st generation. This is done using a combination of theory and model tests.

In this activity, the model will be installed into the B185 flume. With the water flowing, it will generate power. We can also measure the flow velocity to determine the efficiency of the floating waterwheel!