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The Mathematics of decision-making

Highfield Campus

Building: B56

Room: Student Centre

Age suitable for: All ages

Suppose you have the choice to participate in the following bet:
Flip a coin. If you guess right, you win 100, but if you guess wrong, you lose 90. Do you take this bet? How about if you can play multiple times? How about if the stakes are 1000x higher?

Throughout our life, we are confronted with making tough decisions, where the results and consequences are sometimes uncertain. In this process, we have to sometimes fight against our own biases, sometimes against other people. What is the decision that gives you the best outcome, even if your own interests do not align with others?

These type of questions are the main theme of game theory, a research area on the interplay between mathematics and human psychology.

Are you ready to make the best decision in your life and join this activity?