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Einstein's revolutionary ideas - Special Relativity

Age suitable for: 14+

Date and Time (UK time):
11/03/2022 16:00-17:00


In 1905, an unassuming 26 years-old patent office clerk, Albert Einstein, published a total of four groundbreaking papers - each of which independently are not only impactful breakthroughs within the science community, but also causes a true paradigm shift that completely revolutionarises the way we now think and view the world.

Join Dr Sunny Yu, Mathematics at University of Southampton, for a talk that will you to a brief tour through his probably most well-known idea - the theory of special relativity - which opens up mind-bending ideas such as time slowing down for people moving faster.

You will also explore how these crazy concepts are not only tested to incredible accuracy even today over 100 years later, but are also fundamental ideas that forms the bedrock of all of modern science.

This event will broadcast live on YouTube (UoS Festival) and on Facebook (UoS Engagement). You can contribute to the talk with your thoughts and questions through the chat.

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