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Marvellous microscopes: Focus on ... X-ray imaging by micro-computed tomography

Age suitable for: 14+

Date and Time (UK time):
16/03/2022 17:00-18:00



X-ray imaging by micro-computed tomography (ÁCT) is a key technique in the rapidly developing field of 3D microscopy.

This technique is very similar to CT imaging systems in hospitals that look at bones and tissues within patients. However, with ÁCT we can look inside and within much smaller objects without needing to cut it open. Traditionally, this is very useful in engineering to inspect the quality of manufactured products. The University of Southampton has developed technology called 3D X-ray Histology (XRH) to look inside biological tissues and organs in 3D at the microscale (1000th of a mm!!).

In this interactive online session, the Biomedical Imaging Unit team at the University of Southampto will introduce you to XRH ÁCT imaging at Southampton General Hospital, show you inside one of our ÁCT scanners and how we go about scanning samples. Finally, we will show you the 3D images that result from the scans of the samples and have a look inside them!

For further introduction of XRH, please visit our website:

This event will take place online, in Zoom. You will receive joining instructions through Eventbrite.

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