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Is the Earth flat? From geometry to the modern world

Age suitable for: 14+

Date and Time (UK time):
16/03/2022 18:00-19:30


We live on the surface of a big ball, which of course is not flat. But what, precisely, does that mean?

Is there a way to measure the curvature of the Earth without the need for space travel?

Questions of this nature were studied since antiquity, and gave rise to Geometry, a part of mathematics that studies the shape of things around us.

Join this talk by Professor Jacek Brodzki, Mathematics at Southampton, who will outline some of the foundational ideas and will show how to use them in modern data analysis.

This event will broadcast live on YouTube (UoS Festival) and on Facebook (UoS Engagement). You can contribute to the talk with your thoughts and questions through the chat.

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