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NEURO-KIDS #2: Hi, I am BRIAN.... explore how I control your body

Age suitable for: All ages


Welcome back to NEURO-KIDS!

The brain...the most important organ, it controls everything from thinking, moving, smelling, and even breathing! The brain is like a very powerful and very fast supercomputer that stores lots information!

If you want to learn how the brain... I mean Brian... Brian makes you move, think, check out the videos and amazing fun facts about the brain.

Have a go at the fun quiz and activities.

You can make a brain hat, make a model of a brain with playdough, pin the labels on the brain, make a neurons and why not get creative by drawing, , write a short story by playing the games in the resources section.

You can even send us questions on anything you would like to know about the brain on the Padlet board in the tab below.

Make sure you check back in on the link at the end of the day to find out the answers to your questions.

Don't forget to send us pictures of your work at