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Youth Social Action Campaigns - The oceans are rising and so are we

Age suitable for: 11+

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  • Live captioning on screen

Join our Climate Change youth group who have been exploring local areas of conservation in their quest to understand how we can better protect our communities against the climate crisis.

Our young people are part of the PERu funded project with LifeLab. The project focuses on Green & blue prescribing, helping to improve health and promote pro-environmental behaviours through research & site-specific theatre.

Watch their journey online through youth led social action campaigns with marine biologist, Holly Jenkins, Theatre for Life and professional film maker Goncalo Valle.

Our young activists will explore Climate Change and the consequences of our actions on Weston Shore in Southampton.

Watch firsthand scientific demonstrations and powerful debates which explore how our local coastlines are becoming more acidic as carbon dioxide concentrations rise.

An opportunity to understand how we can mitigate threats to our local coastlines such as global warming, acidification, overfishing and plastic pollution.

Together we can turn the tide and make positive changes to protect our local coastlines.

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Film Credits: Goncalo Valle - film maker