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Marvellous microscopes: Focus on ... Scanning electron microscopy

Age suitable for: 7+

Date and Time (UK time):
18/03/2022 17:00-18:00



Scanning electron microscopy uses a beam of electrons to scan across the surface of a sample and image the surface topography at high resolution and with a large depth of focus. Conventionally, the electron beam interacts with the surface of the specimen (which has been coated with an ultrathin layer of metal) to release secondary electrons which are detected to create the image although backscattered (reflected) electrons from the scanning beam can also be detected. The electron beam also generates x-rays from the sample which can be detected and characterised to identify and map the elemental composition of the sample. Most imaging is done using specially dried and coated samples under high vacuum but low vacuum and environmental modes can be used on some uncoated samples.

Join the Biomedical Imaging Unit team at the University of Southampton for a one-hour interactive online session on the scanning electron microscope. You will get the opportunity to help decide what we will look at and see what the surface of everday objects really look like!

This event will take place online, in Zoom. You will receive joining instructions through Eventbrite.

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