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Marvellous microscopes: Focus on ... Transmission electron microscopy

Age suitable for: 14+

Date and Time (UK time):
17/03/2022 17:00-18:00



Transmission electron microscopy shoots a beam of electrons through an ultrathin sample (conventionally a very thin slice of resin-embedded material that has been stained with heavy metals like osmium, lead and uranium). Different components within the sample take up different amounts of the stain and so impede the electrons to different extents, causing contrast in the detected image. The electron beam can also be used to generate X-rays from the different chemical elements in unstained samples. Each element gives off a characteristic spectrum of X-rays so by analysing the spectrum we can map the elemental composition of the sample.

Join the Biomedical Imaging Unit team at the University of Southampton for an interactive session on the transmission electron microscope. You will get an insight into how the microscope works and how we use the microscope to help in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

This event will take place online, in Zoom. You will receive joining instructions through Eventbrite.

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