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Go treasure hunting with Thymio the Robot

Highfield Campus

Building: B85

Room: Rm 2213

Age suitable for: 11+


Join us and interact directly with Thymio, a small real mobile robot!

Thymio wants to navigate in a Gridworld Island to get to the hidden treasure as fast as possible. The Gridworld is an 'island' and Thymio is not waterproof (as most electronics), so dangerous water cells need to be avoided at all costs!

Thymio starts like a new-born baby, knowing nothing (tabula rasa)! To learn, Thymio asks preference queries over different moving actions. You will train Thymio to follow the shortest path from the starting point to the treasure cell of a mini Gridworld. To teach Thymio which actions are unsafe, give a 'warning' signal when approaching a water region. Even though Thymio is running state-of-the-art Neural Network algorithms on the background, all this complexity is hidden from you.

You can communicate with Thymio either by the touch screen or by natural speech. You will need 1-2 minutes to learn how to train Thymio correctly and then a few more minutes for the actual training. Ultimately, Thymio will navigate the island through the shortest path alone!

There is a prize for anyone who trains Thymio within a stipulated time!