Title Location Date Duration Show Start Times
Festival Events10-1111-1212-11-22-33-44-55-66-77-8
Human Books eveningOctober Books, Portswood11-03-20192 hours19:00
Leonardo - Inspiring Science and Engineering as well as ArtJohn Hansard Gallery, Guildhall Square12-03-20191 hr 45 mins18:00
Ethics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)B6 Nuffield Theatre (Campus)13-03-20192 hours18:00
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - talk and film-screeningB32 Room 101515-03-20194 hours18:00
Festival Events with no pre-booking
Frogs and Friends' Show - CANCELLEDNuffield Southampton Theatres - City, Above Bar Street08-03-20192 hours19:00

Title Location Date Duration Show Start Times
Science & Engineering Day 16-03-201910:30 - 16:30
Bookable Activities10-1111-1212-11-22-33-44-55-66-77-8
Accelerate!B46 Lecture Theatre B 16-03-201950 minutes10:45 11:45 13:45 15:00
Aurora ZooB46 Level 3 computer room 310116-03-201945 minutes10:30 13.30 14.30 15.30
Light Express RoadshowB46, Rm 3001 Lecture Theatre A16-03-201911:30 13:00 15:00
Magic Science Science MagicB32 Room 101516-03-20191 hour11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30
Soton AstrodomeB46 Room 508116-03-201945 minutes10:40 11:30 12:20 14:10 15:00
The Teacher Zone!B3216-03-2019
Timed activities with no pre-booking
A Few Feet Up - workshopB67 Room 102716-03-20191 hour11:30 13:00
Biodiversity Loss GameshowB67 Room 102716-03-20191 hour 15:00
Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat: How body clocks keep you healthy and sane - a talkB40, John Roberts Room16-03-201930 minutes11:00 13:00 15:00
How Mathematics Sees the World - Approximation and Simplification B58 Lecture Theatre 106716-03-201911:30
Paint Your PainB5816-03-20192 hours11:00
The Epic Battle of Man vs Mutant: The Treachery of TumoursB67 Room 102716-03-201930 minutes14:15
The Virus Within: Hearing HIVTurner Sims16-03-20191 hour12:00 14:30
Wireless Communications: the application of Classical and Quantum Physics, Maths, Game Theory, Machine Learning and MoreB58 Lecture Theatre 106716-03-20191 hour13:00