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NEURO-KIDS #1: Meet Brain...I Mean BRIAN

Age suitable for: All ages


Hey welcome to NEURO-KIDS!

NEURO-KIDS is a place where you will be able to ask questions about the brain.

Have you ever thought: I wonder how the brain looks like? how big and heavy is my brain? what part of the brain makes me ride my bike? Well you have landed in the right place!

Meet BRIAN... he knows everything, about the brain: ask him questions, and BRIAN will get back to you.

You can post questions on the Padlet board in the tab below, or you can even send us a picture if you want to!

Make sure you check back as we will answer questions live!

After you have watched this short video and thought about some questions... about the brain, head over to our other NEURO-KIDS activities, where you will able to find some other fun videos and do some cool activities!