Science and Engineering Day will be taking place on Saturday 14th March, from 10:30 to 16:30, at Highfield Campus and Boldrewood Innovation Campus.

We aim to make Science and Engineering Day an enjoyable experience accessible to everyone.

Our Festival team (red t-shirt) and Student Ambassadors (purple / blue t-shirt) will try their best to assist you during your visit.

There will be Welcome Desks located in different areas of both campuses if you have any queries upon arrival.

Printed flyers with the official map and a list of activities will be available as A5 6-pages leaflets. If you wish to print a copy of the map in A3 for easier readability, please use the file available HERE


Car parks near to the Festival venues include a number of dedicated bays for Blue Badge holders. The closest ones are located near the following buildings:

  • Highfield Campus
    • In front of Building 44 – access only through Chamberlain Road
    • Behind Building 46 – access only through Chamberlain Road
    • Behind Building 52 (Turner Sims) – access only through Chamberlain Road
    • Next to Building 59 (Gower Car Park) – access only through Salisbury Road
    • Back of Building 67, in front of Building 100 (Centenary) – access only through Salisbury Road
  • Boldrewood Innovation Campus
    • Next to the multi-storey car park, in front of Building 176 – access only from Burgess Road

Please refer to the official Science and Engineering Day map for more information.

Quiet Rooms

Quiet Rooms (for some peace and privacy) are located as follows:

  • Highfield Campus
    • Building 40, Meeting Room 6
    • Building 44, Level 2, Room 2103
    • Building 67, Level 1, Room 1023
    • Building 85, Level 2, Room 2209
    • Building 100 (Centenary), Level 3, Room 3013 and 3015
  • Boldrewood Innovation Campus
    • Building 176, Level 1, Room 1133

Baby Changing Rooms

Baby changing facilities are available as follows:

  • Highfield Campus
    • Building 6 (Nuffield Southampton Theatre), foyer - in accessible toilet
    • Building 42 (SUSU), foyer - in accessible toilet
    • Building 44, Level 2, foyer - in accessible toilet
    • Building 46, foyer – please ask the B46 Zone Leader (red t-shirt) for access


Science and Engineering Day is breastfeeding-friendly, please feel free to breastfeed wherever is comfortable and convenient for you and your baby.

Quiet Rooms (detailed above) will be available with chairs or sofas.

For people who prefer quiet and privacy when breastfeeding, a room fitted with blinds or frosted windows and a lockable door are available in the following buildings:

  • Building 46, foyer – please ask the B46 Zone Leader (red t-shirt) for access
  • Building 6 (Nuffield Southampton Theatre), New and Expectant Parents Room – please ask a member of the Festival Team (red t-shirt) in B40 or B100 for access

BSL Interpreter

A British Sign Language interpreter from SONUS will be available for the following shows:

  • 11:00 – 11:45, Sense-o-Matic - Steampunk Show About The Senses, in Building 67
  • 12:30 – 13.15, Science Magic... Magic Science, in Building 32

Hearing Loop

All rooms where shows and talks are taking place are fitted with induction loop for hearing aid users.

Sensory overload

The Science and Engineering Day programme includes some activities with loud noises, flashing lights and darkened spaces. Please check the individual activity information on our website to inform your choice of activity.

Please note that Quiet Rooms (as detailed above) are available on the day. Please ask a member of the Festival team (red t-shirt) or a Student Ambassador (purple / blue t-shirt) for directions to the nearest one if needed.

Special routes, toilets and building evacuation for wheelchair users

Please be aware that Highfield Campus and Bolderwood Innovation Campus have a series or ramps in between some of the buildings where the Festival is taking place.

Toilets for disabled persons are available in all buildings apart from Building 15 and Building 9.

For more information on wheelchair routes (unaided or with assistance), ramps and toilets for disabled persons (with wheelchair access), please refer to the University of Southampton map available HERE.

Activities in Building 32, Building 46, Building 67 and Building 100 will take place on levels that will require evacuation through a service lift in case of emergency. In case the alarm is set off, please ask a Student Ambassadors (purple / blue t-shirt) on site to show you the way to the dedicated Fire Evacuation Lift on the floor where you are located and wait until a member of the Festival team will assist you to enter the lift to leave the building.

For more information on accessibility, please refer to University of Southampton's website.

If you require further assistance on the day, please get in touch asap by emailing us at